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Written By Major Silva on 5/25/05

Wow.  OMFG this game looks REALLY good.  Oh, uh, sorry about that but it's the truth, Doom 3 looks great on the Xbox, and has only suffered a few, if any, graphical downgrades.  Read the full review below. ( as if you didn't know by now, pee-shaw)



Wow.  As I said up there.  Wow.  This game far surpasses anything the Xbox has had before graphically, and rivals its PC brother ( or sister, you can never tell).  I am going to sum it all up for you in the following:

Environments: Very gritty and spooky looking.  The blood is also a nice touch.

Creatures: Pretty good.  Not much of a departure from the Doom 1 monsters, but "digitally remastered" heh, to look absolutely, umm, 3-d and REALLY good.  The texture maping and character animations are very well done also.

Yeah, so basically I have almost no complaints, only one, which you will see below.


Tsk tsk.  I guess there was no real way of avoiding it, so, it happened.  EVERY HALLWAY looks THE SAME.  It's always, go down this tight hallway to go through this research lab to go down another tight hallway.  The only change in level design is Hell.  And even there, it still gets a little repetitive.  And though the new and old-but-remade creatures are nice, there just aren't enough variety of creatures. And none of them are truely scary.  The only redeeming thing about the monsters are that they might pop out of no where, but then, you just turn around and blast them, meh, yeah, not too exciting.

SCORE: 9.1