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Rated M, Mature, Rated by ESRB
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Easily the best Xbox launch game, but also, possibly the best console shooter, period. This game offers so much variety and depth of gameplay that this is a truly stunning and awestriking game to play. I personally only bought my Xbox last summer and only a few weeks later, guess what I bought, Halo. Here are a few of Halo's pros and cons:


Stunning visuals that show off the Xbox's power. Excellent human and alien weapon and vehicles look amazing. Human, ballistics powered weapons, look and feel right. They have an excellent kick to them and the smoke that comes out of the barrel looks almost real. Covenant weapons, even the less than popular Needler, have distinct sounds that you can differentiate on the battlefield.

Sometimes dead bodies pass through supposedly solid objects. Cut scenes are kind of disgusting to look at. Voices are nice but when you see characters "talking", it doesn't seem the voices should be comming out of them. It just looks that bad. Environments are VERY repetitive, expect the re-use of many of the maps in campaign. Like the Pillar of Autumn level is used again at the end of the game as The Maw, and the Assault on the Control Room level is used again in the Two Betrayals level also towards the end, along with the Keyes level which is just like a carbon-copy of the Truth and Reconciliation level in the beggining. My main complaint is that all environments are basically either close-quarters or canyons, thats about it. Don't believe me? Check. Every level is either in cramped or in large canyons or also on cliff sides.
Score: 9.0



Guns sound great. Period. Music is absolutely amazing, it captures the mood and feel of this alien ring.....and those who dwell there. Iv'e personally bought the soundtrack.

Ummm........uhh.......oh. Voice acting is laughable, the mouthes are almost square, it just doesn't look as pretty as the rest of the game is.

Score: 10.0


This is basically a measure of the amount replayability that this game has:

Halo isn't Halo without the multiplayer. And you all know that. Do I really need to say more? I mean come on. Other than that there are four difficulty settings that you can play on. Starting from the n00b skill setting of Easy and working its way up to Legendary, an almost impossible difficulty leve. Should not attempt if you don't like a challenge or you actually want to beat the game. Definetly NOT for begginers. You have been warned.

Score: 9.0


Well, theres not much to say here because you probably already know my verdict. THIS GAME ROCKS. But, to remain prefessional, which I'm not but lest assume, here are actual pros. ::Deep breath:: Stunning variety, innovative story, amazing and memorable characters, non existent load times, well balanced weapons, fun driving sequences, funny AI chat, need I say more???

Uhhh........ummm..........Well, Iv'e always hated the Flood and am now terrified of them since this and Halo 2 have come out. Thanks for making those images haunt my dreams Bungie....thanks a lot!

Score: 10.0


Well, I totally love this game and theres not much more to say, except, I LOVE THIS GAME.  Thunmbs-^

Reviewer's Tilt Score:      Definetly a  game that should be a part of any Xbox owner's collection.  This game deserves every bit of my thumbs up.  Highly reccommended.

Total Score: 9.7