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Humpday Hoopla
Posted by SketchFactor at 6/9/2005 10:23 AM
Waiting an extra day to write up the report of this week's humpday match against Team Halobabies doesn't make the loss any less painful. How much more abuse can Team Bungie endure? Not much.
This week's Humpday Challenge actually took place on Tuesday night. We were originally planning to play the guys from Halo Babies last week but due to last minute conflicts we had to postpone. And, since their team is unavailable on Wednesdays, we settled for a Tuesday match. Obviously I haven't been in a huge hurry to recount our latest in an ongoing string of defeats... but, to give props to our opponents, it's only fair that we at least acknowledge that the match took place.

Here's the quick and concise recap of what happened on Tuesday night.... (check out the Halo Babies website for their take on what happened).

Team Bungie
Shishka, Achronos, Evil Otto, New001, Ninja on Fire and myself

Team Halo Babies
TMC Elite, Gruntsbane, AllMaster D, Milk N Cereal, Live killa and hnbmrsmiley

Game One
Team Slayer on Lockout (BR start)
Game Stats
Duration: 04.53

I actually sat out this match since the Halo Babies team was short a player. I can't speak to the specifics of the match but the score pretty much speaks for itself. Live Killa represented his team with a nice 7 kill spree while Milk N Cereal gained the most amount of overall kills with 14. Achronos was the top scorer for Team Bungie with 11 kills but our top player New001 had a disappointing 5 kills and 9 deaths.

Final Score: Halo Babies wins 50 to 37

Game Two
1 Flag CTF on Burial Mounds (first to 3)
Game Stats
Duration: 22:46

Gruntsbane decided to show up for Team HB so I was able to return to even out the teams. CTF on Burial Mounds CAN be fun.. but before the game even started we knew this was going to be a drawn out struggle. As anyone knows, playing the first to 3 scores often results in an insanely long match that could very well take up the entire night.

The first round resulted in a stalemate for both sides as each team tried to feel out the other one for any signs of weakness. Halo Babies managed to get our flag outside but a well coordinated defense prevented them from scoring. On our second offensive round we pushed hard and managed to break through their fortifications and get the flag out into the open. As you know, once the flag is outside the base, the chances of scoring increase by approximately 90%. And score we did. Credit for our first (and only score) goes to Shishka.

We continued the back and forth push and pull for several more rounds and neither team made any real progress in their effort to score. Finally, after spending over 20 minutes on this game, we decided we were calling it. We gave Halo Babies one last offensive shot and then we ended the match (we had already gone through 4 full rounds and Halo Babies had their 5th shot on offense). This would prove to be a bit controversial but since we ended up losing 2 of the 3 matches nobody made it into a big deal. Kudos to New001 for stepping up and finding his game with a match high 36 kills. (where were you last game??)

Final Score: Bungie Wins 1-0
Game Three
Team Snipers on Coagulation
Game Stats
Duration: 8:01

This was the game that we picked since New and a few of us are quite fond of sniper games. At least, we used to be. The match started out great with both teams picking one another off at long distance while the lead switched back and forth. It was neck and neck for the first half of the match but then things started to slip away.

Yours truly played incredibly horrible (partly due to nearly a 2 week hiatus and the inevitable decay of my reaction time). Achronos and I managed to get a mere 2 kills each (compared to 7 and 9 deaths respectively). Eventually our entire team became pinned down at the base while Halo Babies took up positions on the ridges and rocks surrounding our spawn points. It was a closely fought battle but in the end we couldn't quite pull it off.

Final Score: Halo Babies wins 50 to 46

And there you have it... another humpday, another close defeat for Team Bungie. I can honestly say that the team is starting to feel the effects of loss after loss. I hope the weekly tradition can continue well into the future but losing is only so much fun. : )

Until next week...