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Favorite Links
BIOS About Us -A great site for any fans.  Includes Halo story speculation. - See the hit cartoon series that takes place in Halo, and now, Halo 2's multiplayer. - View your Xbox Live stats or just look around at the site from the people who made the very game this site is about! UnrealChief091's old site. - Major Silva's old site, he is still working on it and has the story in halo-spartans2's site Yet another Halo fan's website totally dedicated to Halo 1; has excellent screenshots. - A fan-created community site.  A Halo fan's take on what happens behind the cutscenes.  In other words a story written by myself, Major Silva, and him.  NOTE: Still in developement, give it some time. - An awesome fansite with a ton of things like.......ummm.........joining their site.  Personally Iv'e registered.  NOTE: Vulgarity in Forums, so if your a little kid then.......uhh.........don't go there. - The game (Corrupt website) that every Halo Fan knew about. (If you don't know about it look at the bottom of the screen at the end of the  Halo2CinematicTrailer!!!)