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Well, since Conker: Live and Reloaded was announced, their have been delays, and delays, and delays. But, I managed to get my grubby little hands on it at a local gaming store demo Xbox. 

Rated M, Mature, Rated by ESRB
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Preview: Conker Live and Reloaded   Written by Major Silva on 5/21/05

In C:L&R , ( abbreviated) you play as that foul-mouthed squirrel you know and love or hated, from the N64 era.  With upgraded visuals, better sound, and awesomely awesome multiplayer that may get you off Halo 2 online for a while, this game will surely be a game I'm going to buy. Attention to detail is very impressive.  Ambient light effects like a flamethrower radiating off Conker's fur is really pretty, really.  The level I started out in was a demo were you had no gun, and you were doing a sort of D-day-esqe beachhead invasion on some ,evidently, bad guys. . . who happen to be squirrels.  Anyway, you had to charge up the beach that had lots of cover in the terms of those. . . uhh, wooden X shaped things, yeah, that.  So, you're charging up the beach as guy after guy around you keeps getting taken out.  It was really confusing and I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, but thats probably because I skipped through the directions, humm. . .  So, I died, a lot, and gave up.  But, that doesn't mean I didn't get a good impression of Conker and his new Xbox only game.

Now, the demo I played may not even be in the final product, Rare is supposed to be doing a remake of the N64 version with obvious graphical enhancements.  But, unfortunately, there was no multiplayer component in this demo, but what I've seen on game shows like X-play, you will NOT be dissapointed, vehicles, rocket launchers, and unique game variants will surely not dissapoint.  And the coolest things about the multiplayer is that:  #1. You can play as the Teddyz or the Squirrels #2.  You have UNLIMITED AMMO, unlimited ammo!!!  They did this so there would be no rushing to get an ammunition pack. 

Well, we'll just have to see in the coming months how Conker truely is, but my first impression is a good one.  Expect my full review next month some time ( if it's not delayed......AGAIN!!).