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True Crime: Streets of LA Review (Xbox, PS2, GC)
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Rated M, Mature, Rated by ESRB
Mature Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Blood and Gore, Partial Nudity, Violence
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Well, this game could have somewhat lessened your craving for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas before it was released.  And this game is currently satifying mine as I wait for the Xbox release.  Anyway, this game was obviously targeting GTA, but, a few things are different, in this one, you play as a cop.  Yeah, sounds boring.  But it really isn't, read on to find out more.



Well, the graphics ARE better than GTA Vice City for sure, and probably San Andreas.  Things like little matrix-style leaps look COOL even if it's a Max Payne ripoff ( which I will review shortly), and damage modeling is also nicely done, actually effecting your selected, or stolen, car's performance.  Also regarding car effects, I love just shooting every tire off a pedestrian's car and then watch them slowly crawl away, I'm not sure why.........then I pop them in the head for their troubles, yeah. Oh, and........well......ummm.......uhhh.........guess thats it, kinda sad.


 The character models aren't very original, you have the biker, the Indian, the old woman, the old man, the old Chinese man, the business man, the ghetto black gangster dude, the business woman, and the hookers, thats about it, so don't expect seeing any unfamiliar faces.  Blood looks very.....well........plain red, and doesn't really last long, it just quickly disappears, which is strange since this game got a "blood and gore" caption under the M rating. Another thing are the blocky cutscenes, they just don't look as good as the rest of the game, which, though they would be adequate for the PS2, on the Xbox you would think they would be a bit more pollished.  Oh, did I mention the crappy-a** camera angles?  And all the collision detecion problems?  BAD.

SCORE: 7.9


Pros:, I truly never found anything GOOD about the audio in this game.  Unless you like lots of rap and f words used VERY frequently, avoid this game


Ahh.......onto the good part, for me so I can rag on the audio.  Wow.  This game has crappy audio.  I'll give you a list:

#1.  Nick Kang's character is ANNOYING, even some of his one-liners are derived from Hollywood movies.  And, how cocky and ?rude? he is may get on some peoples' nerves.

#2.  Gun sounds are repetitive and so are the in game character voices like "I've always wanted to shoot one of these" and "I've figured you out sonny boy".

#3.  RAP.  I just don't like it.  Another thing is all the extensive F words used in this game.

SCORE: 6.8




None really.  No multiplayer, no selectable difficulty levels.  Nothing to unlock, except Snoop Dogg.  Just doesn't offer much except a pretty lengthy single player. 


Well, you can just look at the Pros for the Cons.  THERES NO REPLAYABILITY in this game.




Free roaming, free roaming, FREE ROAMING!! Thats always fun.  But, the whole good cop bad cop thing is kind of reminiscent of Fable, though not as fun or utilized as effectively.  Oh, and at a point farther on in the game, you get to fight zombies, yes, ZOMBIES!  And then you just go right back to the streets.  It kind of shows that the developers just tried to sort of throw a bunch of gameplay elements together and hoped it would work, which it doesn't really.  There's bad guy busting, kung fu fights, and of course, sometimes large-scale (2-7) gun fights involving cops, you, and some very repetitive gangstas.


Yeah,  in no way does this stack up to GTA.  The gun battles are almost too hard, the driving is touchy, and as said before, the lack of different cars and people models is just plain annoying. gotta love that free roaming and upgradeable driving, fighting, and gun skills.  Those alone boost it's score.

SCORE: 8.3




Well, this game could have staved off your craving for GTA: San Andreas, and does do a few things better, just not hardly any.  But, in this day in age, with GTA:SA out, you can definetly do better than True Crime.  But, a pro is that it is one of the best GTA clones to come around.  Aww.......who am I kidding, they are already in the works for True Crime 2 so, many of the problems I had with this one might be eliminated in the next gen TC. 

Reviewer's Tilt: Not in favor of selected game, in this day and age, you can do better.


VERDICT:     Rent at best.  Just don't be a fool like I did and buy it, it's not worth it.  But, in the end, True Crime Streets of L.A. is still an O.K. game