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Unbelievable visor effects and all-around visuals.  These effects really show off the Xbox's power.  Examples are that when you get some alien blood or droid fluid on your visor, an energy pulse will slowly but surely sweep across your screen wiping it clean.  Another example is when you become "incapacitated" and you can only slowly move your head as if you were dying, even going so far as seeing red, literally.  Aliens look great.  You really feel like you're fighting on such places as Kashyyk and Geonosis as a Republic assault craft flys by and you see two Seperatist crafts following it.


Well, the only possible downside of the graphics is that there are no cutscenes, which they would've looked gorgeous.  Also, when you get close up to creatures such as the Geonosians and Droids, they can seem kind of blocky and not very detailed as the E3 demo lead us to believe.

Score: 10.0



Excellent and unique weapon sounds draw you into the Star Wars universe.  And distinct COM sounds and the sound of ships buzzing over your head is truly immersive.


Squad chatter can get somewhat repetitive.  At first, some of their one-liners can be funny, but after the billionth time, can get quite annoying.  Music is also somewhat scarce and far between, though the music is good, I would have liked to see, or rather hear, more of it.

Score: 9.0


There is not really any replay value.  Multiplayer is truly uninspired and that really makes it not worth really paying the $50 for.  Though it is LIVE compatible, it's just not as dominate and rewarding as say, ::cough:: Halo 2 ::cough:: .  But the single player alone is well worth a rental for anyone who has to have perfect and unique multiplayer.

Score: 7.0


If the whole squad-based shooter genre isn't your type and run and gunning games are, then DON'T GET THIS GAME, you WILL die, a lot.  Strategy is essential and so is use of squad commands.  As the slogan says, "Your squad is your weapon", use them as weapons, possition them in sniping positions, order them to breach doors, or to focus all their fire on one target.  Anyway, the gameplay, as mentioned earilier, is very immersive. Though some enemies seem overpowerful, they are thankfully scarce as you will mostly see the lower classes of droid, Transhodan and Geonosians. I'll just wrap this up, it's a game with an excellent story, excellent graphics, great sound effects, and a challenge, which is somewhat a rare find these days among videogames.

Score: 9.0

Reviewer's Tilt:

I simply love this game.  I mean, though the multiplayer is nothing special, it isn't unplayable.  Story is another thing, you take the part of a, as the title says, Republic Commando, and though that not being a lightsaber wielding Jedi seems weird for veteran Star Wars gamers, it's a very unique change.  My tilt is a thumbs ^.

Tilt: In favor of selected game.

Total score:  9.3

Verdict: Rent if you're just a FPS or squad-based FPS fan.  But definetly a must-have for a Star Wars fan.