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  Written by Major Silva on 3/28/05


Rated M, Mature, Rated by ESRB
Language, Blood and Gore, Violence
Release Date
Ahhh.........Halo 2, possibly the most anticipated game of all time.  Too bad it was's the full review:




These are by FAR the best graphics I have ever seen on any console, EVER.  Well, that was a little dramatic but the graphical achievements is definetly something Bungie did not skip on.  Not much more to say other than there are a few cut scene glitches caused by Bungie taking out all load times whatsoever.  Which is more of an annoyance than a true problem.  Also, voice acting is MUCH improved, the faces look stunningly real and lifelike.  Although the faces' characteristics aren't very different from one another.


As I have said, just a few cut scene glitches is pretty much it.  Besides that, some bodies do occasionally go through walls still.

Score:  9.7




Once again, stunning and sometimes eerie music completes the ambience that Bungie, or Marty O'Donnel, wants you to feel about each particular setting on each particular level.  Voice acting is, as I said, very well done.  And each weapon and vehicle sound is so distinct a blind person could listen to it and say, "Oh, thats a Warthog revving up" or "Oh, thats an SMG pounding someones shield into smitherines".


Well, ummm...........uhhh......I.........don't.........know?  Well, the lack of different and new voices is somewhat dissappointing, though we all fell in love with Sergeant Johnson's raspy voice and Sergeant Parker's southern drawl, it wouldn't have hurt anything to have more different Marines and Marine voices.

Score: 10.0



Oh come on people, do you really need this?  Everyone already knows that the multiplayer, gltches to exploit, skulls to find, super weapons to seek out, downloadable content, unlockable maps, and the multiple difficulty settings all make this a must have game for any Xbox owner.

Score:  10.0



Well, sadly, this is where the game faulters.  The controls are excellent and all but, well, the campaign was dissappointing, lets face it.  We, atleast I, was expecting a huge Earth battle, as the E3 2003 demo lead us to believe.  But, unfortunately, there are only 2 levels actually on Earth, and their nothing special.  Also, the cliffhanger ending is somewhat dissappointing, it REALLY makes you want more and makes you feel like this was a somewhat scrunched project story wise.  Although the Arbiter was a niece addition, I don't know about you, but I prefered the whole " super soldier saving humanity from the evil Covenant" role that you played in Halo 1 as the Master Chief.  I mean, these beasts, including the Arbiter, had slaughtered countless numbers of humans and now you're supposed to sympathise with their cause and them in general? Ha.  Oh, and, once again, environments are all once again either close quarters or on cliff sides.  Just look at the Arbiter and Delta Halo missions, one is all indoors close quarters and the other, atleast at the beggining, is on the side os a cliff like it always was in Halo 1.  Other than that, the city environments, though very plain and sand colored, were a nice change.

Score:  8.0




I don't think you really need my tilt but the pros outweigh the cons in this game and it and Bungie earn every bit of my thumbs ^.

Tilt Score:   In favor of selected game.


Final Score:  9.4

Verdict:  Definetly a must buy for any Xbox owner.  A must have.  No renty, just buy-ie?  Anyway, though it has its flaws, it is definetly a title you should buy.