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All of these skulls are only available though the Legendary Mode except for the blind skull

Unknown Skull - Armory

Wait till the part where Johnson enters the lift, then stand in front of him. As soon as he says "Would it help if I said please?" get in. When in the tram, jump onto the left seat and hold x. As soon as you pass a pile of green boxes, you will pick up the skull. It isn't confirmed, but we believe this skull makes the covenant know where you are even with camo.

Thunderstorm Skull - Cairo Station

After you take out the second room of covenant boarding the ship,
the game says "Priority Shift". Shortly after this you will go to the armory
where you will have to take out a couple of Elites. The next room is "Commons
B.01" ( a large room with trees and a window at the end on the second floor
that has a plasma turret. The skull is on the highest ledge behind you, above
the doorway where you enter this room. Take out all the baddies and proceed
to the window with the turret. jump to the left onto the ledge from the
window. you will notice several diagonal supports that lead up to two thin
rails that run the length of the room. Make a well timed jump/duck from one
of the diagonal beams to the rails. Follow the rails all the way to the other
end of the room and you will see a ledge on the left with a trashcan. In
between the trashcan and the wall is another cigar! Knock over the trashcan
to reveal the "Thunderstorm" skull. This skull will cause all Grunts and Elites to have white-armor, and
the stats of their white-armored counterparts.

I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull - Outskirts

Take Johnson's rifle. Get 7 checkpoints and make sure sarge gets
in the pelican Get on top of the level one way or another and after the part
where there are like millions of snipers, there will be two balconies opposite
each other with laundry hanging on them. In the righthand one there will be
a sniper rifle, ammo, and a pool of blood. Shine your flashlight on the blood
and it will appear. When you pick it up you are teleported to ground level
and have to face off 6 waves of elies, they go like 1 elite, then 2 elites,
3 elites, 4 elites, 5 elites, and finally 6 elites, when you kill all of
them the skull will take effect and it will say "I would have been your
daddy." The effect is unknown.

Catch Skull - Metropolis

When you come to the Large semi-domed area with the scarab in the
background and the 8-10 snipers, go to the middle of the area and grenade
jump and walk up the big structure to where the two towers connect, go to
the left tower, and walk around it. you will find a skull at the end of the
walkway. It is not confirmed, but we believe it will cause your enemies to throw many more grenades, as
well as drop more upon dieing.

Ghost Skull - Uprising

After the outdoor area with all the ghosts, there is an L-Shaped room that is seen throughout the level. It is right after the "armory" room. Grenade jump up to the rafters and it should be up there. The effect is unknown.

Iron Mode - High Charity

When you enter the final Gravity Lift, look up. A skull will pass through you extemely quickly so you must start holding "X" a bit before you actually pass it to grab hold of it. Once you grab the Iron Skull, "Iron Mode" will be activated. The effect is not confirmed, but we belive that it makes your allies immune to vehicles and makes human
vehicles more resiliant.

Black Eye Mode - The Great Journey

When you get a banshee and defend the scarab to the place that he blows up the door, fly above it and onto a railing, don't go too far on it or it will send the banshee flying, now jump out. You should be on the railing which if you look up is aiming towards the middle of the big facility. now go down a rail and head onto the spherical structure part and head to the pillar opposite of the one you were on, you can just walk on up and it is there. This skull will stop your shield from regeneratomg.  When you melee
someone and kill them, you get energy power back, so if you melee someone to
death, you get a little bit of shield. So you can get a bit at a time all the way to overshield!

Grunts Birthday Party Mode - Arbiter

Progress normally untill you reach the banshees. As soon as you are in one fly straight down to the bottom of the station. You will see 3 massive cylindrical thrusters.  Fly down to the middle one and circle the upper portion of the cylinder until you see some grunts dancing in a circle. The grunts are in an area where the cylinder connects to the horizontal support beam so they are somewhat hidden under the support. Once found land near the grunts and pick up the GBP Skull. This skull causes every enemy that you headshot with a projectile weapon (ex. hand gun, BR, SR) they will explode like a Plasma grenade, damaging everything around them.

Famine Skull - Oracle

After you've killed your first few flood, you'll come to a room where there is brakeable glass seperating you from a battle between the Flood and the Heretics. You have to go down there to continue through the level, as after a set amount of flood are killed here, the heretics open a door so you can continue. Then, if you stay at the bottom floor of the 'glass room' and stand on the lower part of the pillars that hold the glass on the second floor, and shoot the glass, you can crouch jump up to the OPPOSITE side that you first entered the room. Up here, there is the skull, surrounded by three
mutating flood. This skull causes all preset human weapons that are picked up to start at half ammo, like the ones that fall from the sky in those pods.

Envy Mode - Delta Halo

Progress until you reach the area during the "Push through the Covenant held ruins" where you have to clear a Landing Zone for the Pelican to drop weapons. You'll know you are in the right area when Cortana tells you "they're pouring out of the center building". That area has Plasma turrets along its borders. A little bit after the left side turret you will see the outline of a door in a wall, but the door has a solid rock slab in it and a rock in front of it. Jump on the rock then jump to the ledge above the door then jump on the ledge to the left. Now jump onto the building with the sealed door using a crouch jump. Atop the building you will find two dancing elites and the "Envy Skull." This skull will enable you to use Active Camoflage like the Arbiter.

Assassins Skull - Regret

Immediately after the gondola ride following the battle with the hunters, there will be a building with two turrets on it.  Enter the building and turn to your left. There will be a box. Jump on it. From there, jump to the adjacent light fixture, then to the ledge. The ledge leads to the area with the two turrets. Once there use a grenade jump to get onto the roof area, then, using croutch jumps and grenade jumps, follow the right side perimeter of the building. Once you have gone as far as you can go you will find a small grassy area with, on Legendary, two cloaked dancing elites and the Assassins skull. This skull will cause all enemies to have active camoflage. (p.s. it's possible to find this skull on Easy difficulty, but there will be no elites, nor will the skull have any effect.

Mythic Skull - Sacrid Iron

There is a semi outdoor area which has the same type of area right next to it. There is a large sentinal in front of each one. Go past this area and down the piston and you'll be in a very dark and dank flood infested area. There's a stack of 6 or 7 boxs as you enter the room, use them to jump up to the right ledge that is floating above a dead Human flood in a vent. This skull will make human vehicles stronger, but also makes flood invincible while you're in them.

Sputnik Skull - Quarantine Zone

From the start of the level, look to your left for an Elite. To the left of the elite there is a tunnel. Head into the tunnel and go straight until you reach a cliff. Now turn left and follow the cliff till you reach a rock wall. To the right of the wall and the cliff is a narrow passage, skull is at the end of that passage. There are many different effects listed by many different sites, so I have just used the most recent, believable one. Causes explosives (such as rockets, tank missiles, and grenades) to do more damage.

Anger Skull - Gravemind

Fight all the way through the Covenant city until you reach the outdoors. As soon as you are outside, stick to the right-hand side and walk along the wall. You should see a Covenant wall thingy with a red rail on it. Jump up to it (crouch jump helps) and at the end there is the Anger skull in a small grav-lift. The effect is not confirmed, but we believe that it will cause the enemies to fire at a faster rate.

Blind Skull - Outskirts

At the beginning of Outskirts jump on top of the light on top of the door with a crouch jump, then jump to the left platform. Turn to your left and go down the long dark corridor and pick up the skull; it will say blind and your screen will flash black for a while. In this mode you can not see your weapon, body, shields, ammo, or radar. To get rid of this feature use the following method: 1. Turn off your XBOX or Save and Quit. 2. Go to Campaign and select level and choose Cairo Station. 3. Skip the cinematics and then Save and Quit. 4. Go Outskirt and your hud is back.